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About Buy4Script.Com

Buy4Script.Com is an online donation network, a platform to connect ordinary people selflessly helping one another. We aim to empower and improve on individual standard of living, everything is very simple and straight forward: one participant make a donation of his choice to other participant and in return, the donor receives donations from two other participants based on the package selected. The system is designed based on latest technology with peer to peer concept.

How it works

In Buy4Script.Com, you donate according to package (Sapphire - 10000, Diamond - 50000, and Elite - 100000) selected when signing up and make 200% within 7 days or less. It sounds like magic, this is how it works. After making your donation, the system will automatically pair u with 2 people to pay you same amount donated each. Now imagine how mind blowing it is when you’re making 200% of your donation within 7 days. With this you can achieve your financial dreams. There is no room for upgrade because we have studied and seen that in most platforms involving upgrade, people will not want to upgrade, and those that upgrade will get stucked at the higher stage. Those are the things that make a peer to peer donation system crash. Buy4Script.Com avoided all these in order to keep the system alive forever. Can you now see you don’t have to work hard to make money, all you need is to be smart by joining Buy4Script.Com Platform. No referral, with one account or multiple accounts you achieve all you want.

Available Packages

Donate and get 200% of your Initial Investment.

Why Buy4Script.Com


Buy4Script.Com has proven to be the best peer to peer platform, it is sponsored by a board of entrepreneurs and business scientists, with the motive of eradicating poverty and encouraging self-empowerment. Buy4Script.Com is therein tagged reliable and trusted.

Auto Pairing

Buy4Script.Com is developed with the latest technology it provides users with opportunity to get paired without talking to anybody or looking for downlines. All you have to do is to register and receive your funds direct to your specified bank account you provided. The system is set to pair you with the agreed package you subscribe for. You don’t need to convince anybody because there are no referral bonuses or advantage meanwhile broadcasting in one or the other would help make the system grow stronger.

Straight forward

Buy4Script.Com is a very unique and effortless but strict platform we keep to our promises and terms as long as you keep to yours. We don’t entertain participants that are not serious. you are being given 12 HOURS to make payment to the other participant are merged to. Failing to which you will be deleted from the system. SUCCESS HAS NO TIME LIMIT.


This platform is out to elevate self-empowerment to youth employed as well as unemployed who are ready to gain financial freedom within the space of weeks in other to achieve their goals and aim (BE YOUR OWN BOSS)

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